We help our client's enterprises: We develop export sales, optimize costs, advise and train 
Training and Workshop
Autonomous creation of software
Foreign trade Agency for our customers 
Cost optimization and advisory

For our clients we conduct a number of workshops, training and individual trainings on export, import, acquisition of contractors and suppliers on foreign markets, certification and cultural differences in conducting business activity in different countries.
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Do not have enough IT resources? Do you have to rely on whimsical programmers or not always reliable subcontractors? Write your own software. Without a long practice. Without experience. Sounds fantastic?

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Do you want to sell in different world markets? Would you like to import goods and services? Don't you have competent staff? Don't you know how? Our agents are the solution for you.

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Problems in a company, municipality, county or province? Don't know how to cut costs? Your sales drop from month to month? Will you lose financial liquidity? Too many projects? Extended deadlines? Organization does not work as you wish?

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