JP Consulting is a consulting and implementation company providing enterprise services, which are in a dynamic development phase, in a crisis, or the structure of a company and its functions should be rebuilt. For our customers we plan to make changes and we will do them in a fast, professional and, most importantly, cost effective way. Our managers, partners and consultants are working on projects and as senior staff on interim management, allowing us to focus on operational, marketing and sales tasks without engaging in internal customer relationships. We have worked for both international corporations, large companies from Central and Eastern Europe as well as medium-sized Polish private companies. Our domain is such a help to our customers that the transformed companies become profitable and fast growing; both on the domestic market and in export, have found a professional investor, financial or debuted on stock exchanges.
Our goal is not only to achieve our client's operational excellence, but also to transform our sales, marketing, purchasing and logistics, research and development departments to gain a lasting competitive advantage of quickly introducing superior products at a reasonable price to international markets.
We are currently working for a group of consultants and partners located in many countries and have extensive experience working both for global corporations and for domestic companies.


Our team is comprised of people with long-standing business experience and international expertise in their area of competence. We are a group of professionals who are not afraid of even the toughest challenges. We would like to share our knowledge and unconventional approach with our clients. Apart from the team located in Poland, we have a network of over 40 agents and consultants located in many countries in the world.

Jarosław Polański - Managing Partner / Leading consultant / trainer
MSc. & MBA. among others President of the Management Board of GoldBuyers Poland, CEO Aga Light S.A., President of the Management Board Wandalex S.A., CEO of Royal Europa Sp. with o.o., Director of M1 Shopping Centers in Czeladź, Bytom, Zabrze and Radom, Purchasing Manager at PepsiCo Foods International and American Telephone & Telegraph, worked on projects in Poland, USA, Canada, Holland, UK. Britain, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Sweden.
Specialization: crisis management, increasing the value of enterprises through the development of their activity on the domestic and international markets, development of international export and expansion of enterprises, development of products, products and services,
Supported sectors: retail chains, retail trade, shopping malls, commercial real estate, manufacturing and trading companies, construction companies
Languages: Polish - mother tongue, English - fluent, German - well, Russian - well

Anastasia Brzezinska - consultant / trainer - MSc in product certification in Eastern markets. She works with certification bodies and research laboratories in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.
She has implemented projects on product certification for: Seco / Warwick Spokey Sp. with o.o.
Topex Sp. z o.o Sp.k. Kanlux S.A., a leader in the Polish tool industry. and Ideal Polska S.A. - the largest Polish companies from the lighting sector, Poldent Sp. with o.o - p
Huta Bankowa Sp. with o.o. (Celma Indukta S.A.
Profarb Grupa Chemiczna Sp. with o.o. (certification of machinery, equipment and apparatus for use in the chemical industry in the paint and varnish industry in Russia).
She works in two languages (Polish and Russian), Russian is her mother tongue.

Marcin gotowy.jpg

Marcin Kolczyński - consultant / trainer - MA in Economics & MBA He worked, among others for

GIVT Sp. z o.o., Roland Berger Expert Network, Solon Management Consulting, MC2 Innovations, T-Mobile Polska, Accenture, Telekomunikacja Polska, Deloitte & Touche Polska, KPMG Polska, CSBI, Computer 2000 Polska.

Has over 25 years of experience in helping companies develop innovative business models and agile market strategies that respond to rapidly changing environments.
Extensive experience - he worked for both startups and international corporations on issues related to market analysis, building the company's strategy, product and service portfolio development, process management and organizational structure, strategic programs, organizational culture and change

He works in Polish and English.

Alfred Gorczyca - Partner M. Sc. & MBA / trainer
m. owner (own economic activity) export of home furnishing articles to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Sales Director at Plus Poland Ltd. Sales network of health and safety articles. Head of KAI Bogart Ltd. sale of advertising space in the media. Higher and medium technical supervision in the "Murka" Mine in Katowice, the construction of "Markushegy" and "Oroszlany" Many projects and implementations
In the field of measurement, automation and regulation systems in power engineering
Managing projects related to industrial transformations in post-industrial regions such as the Nord Pas de Calais and Upper Silesia.
Polish - mother tongue
Hungarian - advanced
English, French - good

wilku gotowy.jpg

Artur Wilkowski - M. Sc. in Material Engineering - consultant / trainer
Among others: Key Account Manager - Bunge Group (Zakłady Tłuszczowe KRUSZWICA S.A),  KAM for P & A Cookies Ltd,  

Trade and Marketing Director for API Ltd. Wholesale Sales Representative for Van Melle Polska Ltd. and Sales Representative for  DMS Polska Ltd. and many others.
Specialization: launching products into retail chains, management of trading companies, networks, retail, wholesale, logistics, logistic and distribution networks
Supported sectors: food retail, FMCG, modern distribution channels Languages: Polish - mother tongue, English - well, Russian - basic


Dariusz Mikoś - MA in Economics / Medical Doctor - consultant / trainer
Among others: President of the Board of Aqua Hotel Zakopane, Director of the Supermarket / President of the Board of Intermarche Rydułtowy, Director of the Shopping Center METRO Group Asset Management Polska Ltd. - member of the METRO AG corp., Commercial Director of Sokpol Ltd., Purchasing Director of Selgros Ltd., President of the Management Board of MARWIT SC Sosnowiec, assistant physician ZOZ Krapkowice and many others.

Specialization: management of commercial enterprises, networks, retail, purchases, wholesale trade, logistics and distribution networks
Supported sectors: hotels, shopping centers, commercial enterprises,

Languages: Polish - native language, German - advanced, English - good, Russian - good

Arkadiusz Szostak - MA in Economics - consultant / trainer
Among others: Area Manager -TESCO Poland, Market Director - Praktiker Poland, Director of the EKO hypermarket, work for GOMAN, E. Wedel S.A., KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., and many others.
Specialization: management of trading companies, networks, retail, wholesale, logistics, logistic and distribution networks
Supported sectors: food retail. DIY chains
Languages: Polish - mother tongue, English - well, Russian - well

Paweł Mieczan-has been involved in export consulting for almost 10 years. For 7 years he was a consultant of the international advisory network run by the European Commission - Enterprise Europe Network. Later on, he has been Export Broker at the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Pomerania for over a year doing research on the export potential of different companies. He completed over 70 researches related to foreign markets, including export development plans, business models, export and marketing strategies, research on export potential, and analysis of foreign markets. In 2013-2017, the Editor-in-Chief of the Eksporter magazine. Author of several publications on export topics, being an expert from the Eksport.pl portal
In the export training so far, the subject of international negotiations, the search for distribution channels and recipients on foreign markets, the art of presentation in business, logistics in international trade and modern sales techniques in exports was discussed during the speeches "Selection of marketing strategy and effective promotional activities on the international market" implemented for Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza S.A.
Languages: Polish - mother tongue, English - well, Russian - well

Robert Grzeszczuk - MSc in Economics - Consultant / Trainer
Among others: Chief Financial Officer - Coldor Ltd., Financial Director - WDH S.A., Managing Director - Stanpol Ltd., Analyst / Journalist in NFI - Analizy Finansowe Ltd., an analyst - Citibank Poland Project: Emerging Local Corporates and many others
Specialization: financial management of metallurgical, construction, electromechanical, building materials, refrigeration, furniture industry
Supported sectors: manufacturing and trading companies,
Languages: Polish - mother tongue, English - fluent

Piotr Giegżno - MA in Polish Philology - consultant / trainer
Creative Director, Creative Agency, Bates Worldwide / Testardo, Copywriter, Advertising Agency, Bates / Saatchi & Saatchi, Lecturer at Creative School "Athena", author in Press "-" Kopy +/- "
Specialization: Development of advertising strategies, Branding, SWOT analysis, competition map, Creation of creative brief and creation of advertising campaigns, short-term advertising campaigns and long-term branding.
Supported sectors: trading companies, FMCG companies, automotive companies, retail chains, banks and the insurance industry, drug manufacturers
Languages: Polish - mother tongue, English - very good,

Jerzy Bieniak - mgr inż. & MBA - consultant / trainer
Among others: Advisor to the Management Board, Production and Logistics at AGA Light S.A., Commercial Director at MIRAD Ltd., President of the Board at KONSMETAL S.A. in Nidzica, President of the Board at Polish Optical Works S.A. in Warsaw, cooperation with the EBRD from London under the TAM Program (Turnaround Management Program) from Phare Funded Advisory, Member of the Supervisory Board of FOTON S.A. in Warsaw and many others.
Specialization: in Logistics Mapping and analysis of integrated supply chains to optimize (reduce) supply costs. Reorganize shopping logistics, by optimizing the process to reduce the time of purchases and deliveries and costs. Distribution logistics - diagnosis, analysis, formulation of proposals to improve distribution efficiency. Warehouse management. Basics, standards, latest trends and solutions. Supplies management.
Languages: Polish - mother tongue, English - very good, Russian - average

Michał Ziarno - MSc law - consultant / lawyer / trainer
Among other things, cooperation with: Castel Freres Ltd., GE Money Bank S.A.- Department of Claims Management, GETIN BANK S.A., Kommunal Technik M. Sauerbach Ltd., Construction Material Warehouses "GAJA"
civil law, business law, commercial law, acquisitions and acquisitions, real estate
Supported sectors: car dealers, service companies, banking, developers, real estate companies
Languages: Polish - mother tongue, English - good,


Over the past 20 years, we have build a team of 17 consultants and more than 40 sales agents operating in 24 countries around the world. With them we are able to place on many of these markets many products and services produced in Poland and / or in other countries. We can also bring any product / service to our customers located in any of these countries. We have the necessary knowledge, contacts and opportunities to become your representative on many world markets.


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